Comprehensive Plan Neighborhood Meeting – May 5

4 Apr

The City is embarking on a process to redo the Comprehensive Plan for the city. The discussion for our neighborhood is schedled to take place on Tuesday, May 5 at 7:00 pm in the Council Chambers at City Hall. There’s more detail available on the city website, but here’s what our City Councilmember, Loran Paprocki had to say about it in an email he sent out:

There is an interesting opportunity starting on Tuesday 3/24.

The part that sounds boring is that the city is redoing the Comprehensive Plan (Comp Plan) that deals with zoning and land uses.  The interesting part is how the city is having folks from the neighborhoods 1) give insight to the important features of the neighborhood and 2) contribute to what the neighborhood will look like in 10 years.  I sat in on another neighborhood’s meeting and was very impressed.

The center of the discussion is a huge satellite photograph of your neighborhood.  You’ll identify important parts of the neighborhood that city staff may not be aware of, whether it’s the donut shop or a trail head.  You’ll make note of areas that are opportunities for new uses.  You’ll look at how your neighborhood functions and consider what it may look like in the future.   A really useful process.

The meeting is open to all, and the more the better.  At the meeting I attended, there were a couple neighborhoods represented by multiple tables full of neighbors.  There was another neighborhood with only one person representing.  I can assume that the best result came from the full tables.  So please come to make full tables.

…All meetings are at City Hall in Council Chambers (3rd floor) starting at 7:00 PM.  There’s more info at  I hope you can attend.  Please spread the word amongst your neighbors.


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