Safe Speeds

4 Apr

Since moving into the neighborhood a few years ago, we’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. After each winter thaw there seems to be another two or three families pushing a stroller around the neighborhood.

When I am in my car coming home from work or heading off to the grocery store and see a family walking down the street, a person jogging, or a couple walking a dog, it serves a reminder to slow down and take it easy.

But it’s easy to become preoccupied and miss some of these signs. A phone call on a cell or a favorite song on the radio and we’re suddenly distracted from what we know is good, safe driving.

In other neighborhoods, the residents have argued for additional stop signs, speed limit signs and speed bumps to get people to drive safer in the community. Some of these solutions work—for a little while at least. But they also require the city to use their ever-stretched resources and often come to be ignored after a while.

Yet it seems like the best solution is a little common sense.

  • Drive the streets at or below the post speed limits.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected. Someone on a bicycle could round the corner at any moment.
  • Remind yourself that children sometimes forget the rules. A child could dart out into the street after a ball that has rolled away from them.
  • Remember that a number of the streets in this neighborhood don’t have sidewalks.

As the temperatures warm up, our family will be among those walking to the park, riding our bikes to the trail and simply enjoying the outdoors. We’ll be easier to spot since this year, we’ll be joining the stroller crew.

Let’s remember to take it easy through our neighborhoods. Let’s keep South Oak Hill a good, safe place for all families and individuals.

— Colin Cox


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