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Keeping South Oak Hill “Oaky”

28 Sep

This was included in the newsletter to the neighborhood chairs…good reminders and interesting reading.

Tree Health: With the summer ending in a drought, now is the time to water your trees thoroughly (through the first hard frost (28 degrees or lower)) for tree health. The City of St. Louis Park is proud of its urban tree canopy and is concerned about tree health in all trees, not just public trees, in St. Louis Park.  You must be an advocate for your own trees and if you see something funny or doesn’t look right with your tree(s), please contact the City Forestry Office at 952-924-2565 or email:, for a free consultation and confirmed (objective) diagnosis of your tree issue. You may also visit our website at: for more information on tree care, watering trees or diseases and insects currently affecting trees in St. Louis Park.

Here are three documents they also provided:

Two Lined Chestnut Borer

Oak Management Information

BOB Bur Oak Blight News Brief