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Lift Station Work near Edgebrook Park

25 Oct

This is being sent around to some residents in South Oak Hill, but it seems like something that many of you may want to know more about, too. It regards work at the “lift station” that is near the edge of South Oak Pond/at the end of Edgebrook Park. Work begins next Monday.

There is contact information in the notice if you have any additional questions.

2007-2400 Resident Work Start Notice


Hate your kitchen?

2 Oct

Okay, do with this what you will…but we were sent an email about this asking us to pass it along. It’s a flyer about one of those cable home improvement shows. They are looking for folks who hate their kitchens. The show is based in Minneapolis, so they are looking for folks in the Twin Cities area.

Details: DHMK_Flyer copy

If you think we shouldn’t do this in the future, let me know.