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2012 Grant Application

12 Feb

Hey South Oak Hillers —

We’ve got the 2012 grant application. And its due Monday, March 19.

Last year, we ended up not using all the funds we applied for. Some of that was probably the result of just thinking a little too big. So, I am interested in what kinds of things you’d like for us to do as a neighborhood. Like the BBQ? Miss the ice cream social? Hoping we’d have more just plain ol’ neighborhood gatherings? Miss having a more regular newsletter? Want to see us try to make some improvements to our park or apply for some environmental grants? Or think maybe we just take a break from it all?

New this year, the city has also set up a speakers bureau. The speakers bureau offers city staff who can speak to neighborhood associations on topics ranging from city governance to crime prevention to backyard composting. We could also coordinate having one or several of these people come and speak to us.

If you’d like to coordinate this application process, I’d be happy to share the materials with you. The application isn’t too complicated. We’ve got materials from past applications (including an electronic version of last year’s application). And, the neighborhood association could use the help!

You can post on here, share your feedback on our Facebook group or send me an email at

BTW, If we don’t hear much feedback or can’t find some people willing to help coordinate events, it might be wise for us to forgo the application process this year.