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2012 Grant Application

18 Mar

Here is the Grant Application that I intend to submit tomorrow, March 19. We are requesting a total of $1175. This would supplement the following activities:

  • Annual neighborhood BBQ and potluck
  • Neighborhood meetings (including May pizza meeting)
  • Newsletter mailing
  • “Little green guys”/kids at play warnings

Thanks to the people who provided input (much of which occurred on our Facebook group page). One thing that is clear is that there is some interest in seeking out some community wide improvements — such as community gardens, additional sidewalks and improved lighting. Pulling together a request to include those items is somewhat complicated, I encourage us to use our neighborhood meetings this year to discuss how we might include these requests in 2013 and/or discuss with city officials how else we might make these improvements.

Please email me with any questions

2012 Neighborhood Grant Projects details


Coyotes in St. Louis Park

6 Mar

Several SOHers have seen coyotes in the neighborhood. But, coyotes have been spotted in other areas of St. Louis Park, too. So, the city has created a web page on their website that includes some helpful information. The web address is:

They are also sharing these resources:

Solutions for Coyote Conflicts

Preventing Coyote Conflicts

Hazing Techniques

Finally, there are coyote hazing classes that are available in Edina and open to nonresidents. More info at: