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SOH Pizza Party Recap

30 May

We had a very good turnout for our first neighborhood meeting of 2012. Besides getting a chance to re-connect, we heard from Kyle Boehn, who spoke about St. Louis Park’s Community Energy Services. And, Community Outreach Officer Ken Sysko spoke about coyotes, recent break-ins and speeders/stop-sign avoiders.

Among Officer Sysko’s recommendations:

  • To keep pets safe from coyotes: Keep pets indoors as much as possible and avoid enticements (like food scraps on open-air compost heaps) on your property.
  • In terms of break-ins: Lock cars, houses and garages. Keep the exterior of your house lit (it doesn’t take much light to be a deterrent). Invest in motion-detector lights — particularly if your car is not parked in a garage. Report suspicious behavior as soon as you see it. Don’t leave enticements like electronics (iPods or GPS) in your car — if possible remove anything that indicates such item might be in your car.
  • For speeders and stop-sign avoiders: Take down their license plate number and report them to the police. The police department will run a check on the license plate and follow-up. Unsafe drivers can have extensive records, so it can be worth while to report them.

A good number to know is the Police Department’s non-emergency phone number is (952) 924-2618.

We also gathered names of people who are willing to help out with our annual end of summer/back to school neighborhood picnic (will be held in August). If you are willing to help out, email Megan Cox at colinandmegancox(at)

We do have budget for additional meetings throughout the year. So, if there’s something you’d like to discuss, email me at ccolincox(at)

We also have a budget for a newsletter or two. If you’d be willing to help put it together, let me know. We’ve got some handy templates already in place.

I also encourage you to use the comments section below or comment on our Facebook group page with any additional meeting takeaways, questions you might have, etc.


South Oak Hill Pizza Party

14 May

Time to reconnect with your fellow SOHers and eat some pizza. Families welcome, but RSVP so we can have accurate head count!

The meeting is meant to be casual, but we’ll try to get someone from the Police Dept on hand to address some of people’s concerns. We all also talk about our fall BBQ and other ways to be connected this year!

Here are the details:

Date: Tuesday, May 29

Time: 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Location: Park Tavern (3401 Louisiana)

RSVP’s: If you plan to attend, register via the Facebook group or by emailing ccolincox(at)