Links Worth Checking Out

17 Apr

Here are some links that South Oak Hill residents might appreciate given the season and the noticeable construction projects in the areas

City Regulations about Door-to-Door Solicitation

  • This includes information about door-to-door sales and fundraising.

Southwest LRT:

  • The Southwest LRT will pass immediately south of the South Oak Hill area.
  • Plans call for a couple stations nearby and possibly a maintenance facility.
  • More information will be available at an Open House on Thursday, April 18, from 5:30-7:30p at the St. Louis Park Rec Center.

City Construction Projects (including road construction):

  • This is a pretty good resource when you see a construction project and want to learn a little bit more about it. (It’s one of my go-to resources)

Hwy 7/Louisiana Re-Construction: and

  • Portions of this project are already underway and is scheduled to be completed next year.
  • This project will affect access into and out of South Oak Hill from our eastern entrance. 

Minnehaha Creek Reach 20 Project

  •  The Minnehaha Creek Watershed District has completed a couple of re-meandering projects near our neighborhood and is currently planning on aesthetic improvements for this important waterway that runs across South Oak Hill’s southwestern corner.

Blake Corridor:

  • The Blake Corridor abuts South Oak Hill along its western edge.
  • There’s a substantial collaborative effort to improve the quality of life in this area of Hopkins.

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