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Lake Street Lane Reduction

19 Aug

Just posted by the City of St. Louis Park:

Lake Street along Sam’s Club will be reduced to one lane traffic starting Tuesday, August 20 and continue for two weeks.


What’s Happening with Knollwood Mall?

17 Aug

The owners of Knollwood Mall plan to redevelop pretty much everything between Kohl’s and Old Navy. 

Provided their plans are approved by the St. Louis Park’s  Planning Commission and city council, Rouse Properties expects to begin construction on a new 10,000-to-12,000 square foot building this fall. The new standalone building would be located near Highway 7 and Aquila Street and it would be occupied by Panera Bread and up to two other businesses. 

Rouse Properties showed conceptual drawings at a recent meeting with representatives from nearby neighborhoods. 

In addition to Panera Bread, the drawings showed other existing Knollwood tenants including T.J. Max, Applebees and the Dress Barn in new locations. 

The biggest change in mind for Knollwood Mall is that it would not really be a mall anymore. The common indoor space that is currently either empty or filled with small and mid-sized retail stores would be eliminated. 

Instead, the middle of Knollwood would be transformed into a shopping center with South-facing businesses. Customers would go straight into each store rather than through a common entrance.  

Knollwood’s owners expressed confidence their plans would attract new and popular retail stores, however, they were careful not to drop any names or even any hints except to say that they were hoping to add a third restaurant. 

As for whether there will be any direct or indirect impact on South Oak Hill, Rouse Properties suggested there would not be except for heavy machinery moving to and from the site. 

The middle section of Knollwood mall that would be redeveloped would be demolished and reconstructed a section  at a time to ensure existing businesses that are staying at Knollwood would not have any down time. 

The existing parking area would also be redeveloped and the owners promised better traffic flow for pedestrians and motorists. After the work is done there would 60 more parking spaces than currently exist. The owners also promised more trees, landscaping and outdoor plaza space than before. 

Representatives for Rouse Properties also expressed confidence that their stormwater plans would satisfy city officials. 

Timing for the redevelopment will depend on city approval as well as negotiations with retailers, but company officials say they are hoping the bulk of the work to the existing main mall building will take place in 2014 with at least some reconstruction continuing into 2015. 

Rouse Properties said they do not have any plans in the work for the other sections of Knollwood Mall including Kohl’s, Old Navy and Cub but they didn’t rule out the idea of further redevelopment a few years from now. 

You can learn more about Rouse Properties from the company’s website at

Questions about Rouse Properties’ plans can be directed to Gary Roehrich, Knollwood’s operations manager, at (952) 933-8041, or via e-mail