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Health in the Park

10 Feb

One more thing (for now). Here’s a unique opportunity to get involved! You get to help shape “Health in the Park”.

The City of St. Louis Park has earned the opportunity to engage its citizens in a city-wide conversation about well-being through the Health in the Park initiative. The Center for Prevention at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota chose the City of St. Louis Park as one of nine communities out of over 100 applicants to receive funding to be used over the next three years to promote healthy and active living.

The initiative will begin with people who live and work in St. Louis Park exploring what health and wellness means to our community, defining obstacles that prevent community members from pursuing a healthier, more active lifestyle, and developing changes which will reduce these barriers and increase access to routine physical activity and healthy living choices in St. Louis Park.

There’s a meeting on Thursday, February 20 — and another on Sunday, March 2. Visit for more info.


Southwest LRT Freight Rail Relocation and Water Resources Impact Mtg

10 Feb

There’s also a meeting about the Southwest LRT re: freight rail relocation and water resources impacts this Wednesday, February 12.

Download this document for more info: SWLRT-draft-report-meeting-announcement,-Feb-2014.

Sidewalk Meeting on February 20

10 Feb

The city is holding some meetings about new sidewalks around the city. The one that might be most interesting to SOHers is one that will run along Louisiana from Lake St to Oxford St.

The meeting will be Thursday, February 20 at City Council Chambers. More info here:

Odd Side Parking

5 Feb

An update from the city:

Due to the continued narrowing of streets resulting from large amounts of snowfall this year, the city will begin asking residents today to voluntarily park only on the odd sides of city streets. By parking on one side of the street only, emergency vehicles, plow trucks, busses and other large vehicles will be able to more easily navigate streets. We last instituted such a voluntary ban in 2012, and we saw significant compliance throughout the city.

  • We’re asking community members to limit their parking to the odd sides of the street only for the remainder of the winter season (the side where addresses end in odd numbers)
  • The odd side is usually the east or south side of a street
  • The parking ban could become mandatory (resulting in ticketing and towing) if community members do not comply
  • We understand that this may create an inconvenience for some residents and businesses, but the voluntary ban helps ensure the safety of our community
  • The ban will remain in place for the remainder of the winter season
  • During snow events, regular parking ban rules will still apply (parking is banned anytime snowfall accumulation reaches 3 inches until your street is plowed to the curb). Note: “To the curb” may be a snow bank this season.
  • If residents need more information, would like to speak to someone or report issues on certain streets, please forward them to the Fire Department at 952-924-2595.