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2014 Neighborhood Grant Application

19 Mar

Below is the list of items for which we will be seeking city neighborhood grant dollars.

Please review and let me know if you have any comments by either adding below or via email at ccolincox(at)

2014 Grant Application


Neighborhood Grant Application due this month

2 Mar

Attention SOHers. It’s time to complete our annual neighborhood grant. Do you have an idea for the neighborhood? Here’s your chance!

This is what the city says:

Examples of eligible uses for grant funds are: newsletters, meetings, postage, picnics, parties, youth or senior programs, new neighbor welcome, hayrides, ice cream socials, children’s parades, entrance signs, flower plantings, park improvements or community gardens. However, neighborhoods are not limited to these examples. Residents are encouraged to be creative in assessing their needs and determining the projects they want to undertake as a neighborhood.

To qualify for a grant, a neighborhood must demonstrate how it will contribute to or leverage the Neighborhood Revitalization grant funds. A match of neighborhood resources maximizes the use of limited City funds and confirms the commitment from each neighborhood. Neighborhoods should provide a 100% (dollar for dollar) match to the grant amount. Any combination of sources is acceptable in calculating the neighborhood match. These can be in the form of: cash raised through fundraising, fees collected at activities, donations from businesses, civic groups, etc., in-kind services or sweat equity.

This is what I add:

In the past, we have used the grant to offset costs for: ice cream socials, fall picnic, spring pizza party and get together, a tree at the corner of Oxford and Lake, and others. Most of the efforts have been real successes (e.g. we’ve had as many as 200 folks show up for our fall picnic).

If you suggest it, you should be prepared to coordinate it. Most efforts don’t take too much time and other SOHers typically help. But we need to make sure the project has some one to champion it. We don’t want to apply for too much money and then never use it. We don’t get to keep the left over and it sort of looks bad if we don’t follow through on what we suggest.

I’d love someone to take over completing the grant. It’s not too challenging, and we have past grant applications to use as templates.

Once we have the suggestions, we’ll post so people can chime in about the the grant before we submit.

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