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Notes from Annual Meeting

8 Jul

Thanks to everyone who attended the Annual Meeting on July 7.

Here are some highlights from the meeting:

Social Events

  • A reminder to look for the pink flamingos around the neighborhood as to who is hosting the Friday Night Happy Hour. These BYOB happy hours are meant to be low-impact casual opportunities to connect with neighbors. Typically, they start around 5pm and wrap up by 8. More information about who is hosting each week — and your opportunity to sign up — on the South Oak Hill Facebook group page.
  • Our annual ice cream social is tentatively planned for Sunday, August 30. More details soon.
  • We have no details on our annual Fall BBQ and potluck just yet. If you are interested in helping, send an email to Colin at

National Night Out – August 4

I have information from the city about how to register to host an official national night out event. The benefits include having the city block off traffic and getting a trash can from the city for each event. Information must be submitted to the city by no later than Friday, July 24. It is not required to register to host a NNO event

Health in the Park

Jean Olson and Anne Casey presented on Health in the Park. Jean gave an overview. And, Anne talked about setting up a time to do a sort of walking-audit of the neighborhood to identify barriers and opportunities for being healthier around our neighborhood. We will share more information about the walking-audit soon.

Edgebrook Park (Environmental Resources)

Jim Vaughan was on hand to explain a bit more about what he does as Environmental Coordinator for the Environmental Division of the Operations and Recreation Department. Jim’s role is to help coordinate everything from dealing with neighbors who haven’t mowed their grass to helping with boulevard tree placement and removal to improving local parks.

The goal of inviting Jim to the meeting was to start a conversation about how me might better use our park area at Edgebrook Park. We have a significant amount of space, some of which may be underutilized. And, we have already been told we are unlikely to get an ice rink back in Edgebrook Park this winter. Our playground equipment will likely be replaced in the next few years, too.

At the meeting, there was some discussion about installing a community garden (difficult to impossible given no water source to the area) and getting a picnic pavilion (possible, but we need to get the request in and have it work its way through the city).

People also noted the lack of a trash can onsite (which should be remedied soon; the city likes to have a trash can at all parks during the summer) and the need to sealcoat the foursquare/hopscotch area on the west end of the park.

Minnehaha Creek Watershed District

Telly Mamayek provided a quick overview of the MCWD, which South Oak Hill is part of. There was a brief discussion of the work the MCWD is doing nearby at Cottageville Park (just to the west of South Oak Hill in Hopkins) and the Reach 20 effort that has included some creek re-meandering and installation of a boardwalk around the creek just to the west of South Oak Hill (you can access at Creekside Park). Telly also mentioned some of the cost sharing grants the MCWD has available for residents and communities to install rain gardens and the like.

Telly also provide some information about the upcoming Minnehaha Creek Clean Up on July 26. The satellite location for the clean up is nearby–Target Knollwood.

More details about the District, projects like Reach 20 and Cottageville Park, cost-share grants and the clean up is available at You can also sign up for their e-newsletter Splash!

MCES Sewer Project

Several folks were on hand from the MCES Sewer Project currently happening along Lake Street. The team gave an update about the progression of the project (things are now ahead of schedule). Crews are hopeful to be completed in September. One key way to stay updated is via the weekly updates the project sends out.

Previous editions of the newsletter and key contacts for the project are available here:

Additional Items

  • Some residents noted some recent break-ins around the neighborhood. From previous conversations with the city’s public safety, it seems like summer is a common time for these kinds of activities to increase. One key is to make sure things are secured (vehicles locked) and areas are well-let.
  • Some residents noted issues with storm sewer drainage. Comments about these issues have been shared with the city.

Friday Happy Hour

2 Jul

Have you seen these guys outside 3800 Woodland Dr?

pink flamingos

They are out there to let you know that this week’s South Oak Hill happy hour is happening there this week.

Come hang out with your neighbors at this BYOB event. We’ll be hosting folks from 5 to 8pm (about).

Of course, families are welcome. And, you may want to bring a chair or two.

For more details on future happy hours, check out our Facebook page: