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Ice Rink

12 Dec

Use the ice rink in Edgebrook Park?

Here’s a post from Will that you might want to read:

This may be the last year our neighborhood gets and ice rink. The city is going to track its usage and if it doesn’t get some play, it is not coming back next year. I would bet that there are many people who do not even know that we have an ice rink…If anyone has any ideas on how to get more people on the ice…please, lets hear it!



Safe Speeds

4 Apr

Since moving into the neighborhood a few years ago, we’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon. After each winter thaw there seems to be another two or three families pushing a stroller around the neighborhood.

When I am in my car coming home from work or heading off to the grocery store and see a family walking down the street, a person jogging, or a couple walking a dog, it serves a reminder to slow down and take it easy.

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